Certifications on the cheap

Many people in my profession either have certifications or would like to get them.  It’s one more credential that attests to the experience and skills that you have.  Unfortunately, most of the more coveted certifications are expensive.  Very expensive.

While they aren’t necessarily the same certifications, Brainbench has over 600 that you can take.  Each of their catagories has several free tests, but all the rest run about $49.95 which includes a hard copy certificate for your public display.  The certificates cover just about any scope of business and could certainly be a valuable way to enhance your skills list.

They also offer some subscription rates, $99.99 a month and $199.99 a year where you can take as many tests as you like(and retake as well) for that period of time.  If you’re planning on trying to take few, that might not be a bad idea.

via Lifehacker

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  1. However, Brainbench certs are rarely taken seriously. This being opposed to the MCP program, Cisco certs, etc.