Is RocketBoom done?

I’ve tried to wait until all the hub-bub has settled a little to comment on the RocketBoom/Amanda Congdon fiasco.

If you’re not familiar with it, Amanda was the host of a vblog called rocketboom.  A quite successful one at that.  Sometime last week, she announced that she would no longer be the host and all heck broke loose.  E-mails flew, the blogosphere exploded with activity, and there was a gunfight.  Well, maybe not the gunfight.  Sounded good though.

Everybody got all tied up in the he said, she said of it and very few actually commented on the issue at hand.

How is Amanda’s leaving any different from someone like Dan Rather moving on?  Sure we put out attention to it for a time, but eventually, the nightly news goes on with the new anchor.  Rocketboom will go on as well.  With Joanne Colan as anchor appearantly.  At least that’s what she seems to be claiming on her new blog.

Also, RocketBoom’s site seems to be down at the moment, with only a placeholder that reads: RocketBoom 2.0 Coming soon…

Once every one gets over the Amanda bit and gets used to Joanne as the host, Rocketboom could be just as popular as before.  Doesn’t hurt that Joanne is English and in the words of the fat guy from Austin Powers, “Dead Sexy”.

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