New Ocean forming under Africa

An earthquake revealed a giant “rift” or crack in the earths crust in the north-east corner of Africa by Ethiopia.

“We think if these processes continue, a new ocean will eventually form,” he told the BBC News website. “It will connect to the Red Sea and the ocean will flow in.”

African Rift/CrackInteresting.  The crack runs from near the Red Sea, south and ends somewhere in the Afar depression.  The depression reaches -500 feet below sea level at its lowest point.  Obviously, if the crack were to reach the Red Sea, the water would flow right in.

Of course, the scientists that are studying it estimate that it could take a million years for it to reach all the way to the Red Sea.  That doesn’t seem to take into effect the fact that the crack didn’t exist until last Septemer.  A couple more good earthquakes could speed it up to a century or so I would think.

Interesting stuff.

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