Page Strength: Better than PageRank?

SEOmoz announced the release of it’s “Latest Kick-Butt Tool” dubbed Page Strength.  Aimed at the Google PageRank market, it’s a diversified tool that is meant to be a much more level headed metric.

It checks links from Yahoo! and Google as well as the DMOZ along with .gov links,, and even Google  PageRank itself.

I punched in the two main URL’s that I use, and and I was a little surprised to find that the Page Strength tool could actually tell the difference.  Usually, these tools, pagerank included seem to pool them together since the root domain is the same.  It’s refreshing to see the subdomains being used properly.  Another interesting observation was that the numbers ended up being nearly the same as the google pagerank.  Maybe by design?  Or maybe PageRank isn’t as far off as some would have us believe.

Overall, a useful tool that is, in appearance, more open than PageRank while getting similar results.  I would have liked to see a few of the more obvious things fixed, but it’s young yet.  The DMOZ search doesn’t seem to return any results, regardless of whether the link exists or not.  The .gov search did include .mil at one time, but those are fairly inconsequential anyways.  I’d also like to see the inclusion of sites such as Digg and Reddit and perhaps Slashdot.  Might dilute the sample a little, but would certainly be a broader scope of the “Geek” favorites.

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  1. We really rate this tool, although our page strength is ostensibly less than our Google PR, we think it probably offers a more ‘balanced’ assessment of the sites worth and of course it keeps us on our toes.