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Alma Mater

I graduated from Jamestown College in Jamestown, North Dakota.  I haven’t the available funds to participate in alumni giving and as such I do not.  Much like any other College or University, JC has an alumni website where we alums can go sign up to keep our classmates and the school updated on our life and just what it is that we are up to.  It also serves as a handy-dandy way for the school to get ahold of us alumni to inform us of upcoming events like reunions, homecoming, etc…

As part of my profile on the JC alumni website, I have listed this website along with several others that I either run or contribute to.

So, that’s the background of this story.

Over the last several days, I’ve noticed a few visitors coming from my profile on the JC alumni site.  This got me to thinking.   I do not contribute in any way to my alma mater except in what I do as an alumni.  So, I’ll endorse the school here and if any prospective students are reading this, I may be contacted for further info.

JC ChapelI received an above average education from above average educators at Jamestown College.  It by no means was a Harvard education, but I firmly believe that I could not have received an education that would equal the one I received from any other college of Jamestown College’s size anywhere in the region.  And the food wasn’t half bad.  In fact there are days when I’m cooking my own food that I really wish that alumni could still stop in for free chow at the cafeteria.

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More What has blogging bought you

I wrote on Friday about the meme that Darren started on What has Blogging bought you.  He’s got a few of the results up now and frankly I’m a bit surprised by what blogging has bought some people.  It ranges from hosting like it has me all the way up to housing, paychecks, college educations, etc…

If you’re interested in becoming a problogger, that list is certainly a must read.  Pick a few and see if there are obvious strategies and methods that can be mimiced.  It always pays to learn from people who have done it.

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New Ocean forming under Africa

An earthquake revealed a giant “rift” or crack in the earths crust in the north-east corner of Africa by Ethiopia.

“We think if these processes continue, a new ocean will eventually form,” he told the BBC News website. “It will connect to the Red Sea and the ocean will flow in.”

African Rift/CrackInteresting.  The crack runs from near the Red Sea, south and ends somewhere in the Afar depression.  The depression reaches -500 feet below sea level at its lowest point.  Obviously, if the crack were to reach the Red Sea, the water would flow right in.

Of course, the scientists that are studying it estimate that it could take a million years for it to reach all the way to the Red Sea.  That doesn’t seem to take into effect the fact that the crack didn’t exist until last Septemer.  A couple more good earthquakes could speed it up to a century or so I would think.

Interesting stuff.

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What has blogging bought you?

Darren is at it again now that he’s returned from his “daddy vacation”.  A little meme of sorts is being produced.  Jayvee seems to have actually returned to an original post by Darren that has returned Darren to the subject.   Blogging bought Darren a house.  Or rather is making the payments anyways.  Rick bought a car.  David bought a camera, xBox, and LCD.

What will you buy?

LaptopI’ve had my eyes on a laptop for a while now.  Of course it could be 7-8 months before I even have the down payment on something like that. And that’s if I save every penny that I make between now and then.  And we all know how hard that is.

So what has blogging actually bought me?  I suppose the only thing I can validly say that it has paid for is my hosting.  I have GoDaddy do the hosting for me.  It’s cheap, but it gets the job done.

What will you buy with blogging?

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