What has blogging bought you?

Darren is at it again now that he’s returned from his “daddy vacation”.  A little meme of sorts is being produced.  Jayvee seems to have actually returned to an original post by Darren that has returned Darren to the subject.   Blogging bought Darren a house.  Or rather is making the payments anyways.  Rick bought a car.  David bought a camera, xBox, and LCD.

What will you buy?

LaptopI’ve had my eyes on a laptop for a while now.  Of course it could be 7-8 months before I even have the down payment on something like that. And that’s if I save every penny that I make between now and then.  And we all know how hard that is.

So what has blogging actually bought me?  I suppose the only thing I can validly say that it has paid for is my hosting.  I have GoDaddy do the hosting for me.  It’s cheap, but it gets the job done.

What will you buy with blogging?

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