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Are you ready for some Football!

It seems every year, just about this time that I begin frothing at the mouth. Yes, it’s time for yet another NFL season. It may seem like I’m a techie nerd geek through and through, but I’m a lover of some football. American football that is. If you got dragged in by the title thinking you would hear about european football A.K.A. soccer, you can probably leave now.

Raider superbowl trophiesMost of my friends know that I’m a through and through Raiders fan. I have been for as long as I can remember. I guess I got dragged into it by the rebel mantra of the early Raiders. Bunch of bad-asses running around and kicking ass. I love that. That’s what football is all about. Beating the crap outta your opponents in a somewhat fair way. I wont say that clotheslining someone is a fair move. But a little aggressive action is A-ok with me.

The regular season starts on the 7th. Seventeen weeks from then the playoffs start. May your team do good, but only slightly worse than the raiders.

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The Great Long Tail Giveaway

Early last month, Chris Anderson began giving away 100 copies of his recently published book, “The Long Tail“. I was fortunate enough to get a copy from him and then read and published a review on it.

Now I’m spreading the love. Passing on a little of the cake. Extending the Long Tail. I want to give away my copy of the book to a lucky reader. I’ve deliberated over how best to give away my copy and while I certainly haven’t come up with the best possible way, I did come up with a way.

So, here’s the rules. I love reading, and I love links.

To be entered into the contest for the free copy(including shipping) of Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail“, all you have to do is write a post on your own site that links back to this post. One lucky winner will get the book. If you don’t own a site(why not?) you can leave a comment on this post.
I have no intentions of doing this very scientifically. I’d rather not have just a bunch of links that do nothing but point to my site. So, in the post that links back to this post, I want you to elaborate on the book or why you want to read the book. You can meander however you want, but the topic must be on the book.

I will select one tenth of the entrants(10%) by how much I like the post that links here. (In the event of lots of comment entries, I will also add 10% of those into the mix as well) From those entries that I select, I will then randomly select one to get the book. As soon as that person is picked, I will email to get an address to send the book to. So, it’s awfully important that I can find your contact information or a contact form on your site.

If you have any questions, there’s a link to a comment form on the left hand side of this page under the eBay banner.

Oh, I should mention the time frame that we are going for here. I’d like to let it drag on through the rest of September but that’s entirely too long so the contest will run from now(time of this posting) until September 12th. That’s two weeks. The winner will be announced on the 14th.

I should also mention that I might just add a post in the mix somewhere with my favorite posts.

UPDATE: As of Sept. 5th, there is only one entrant for the contest. I should note that if this is the case at the end of the contest, it will negate the need for picking favorites and then randomly drawing for the winner. Only 7 more days to go!
UPDATE: 9/12/2006: I’ve extended the contest until the end of the day on the 13th.

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Credit to CopyBlogger for being the first to bring it to my attention. Seems that someone who calls himself net_devil has managed to infiltrate the problogger job board and switch the index page out.

For the Polite Admins … who sent me Polite MSGs
” Thank you Admin ;p for Giving me your box … to Spread the Truth in the Name of Freedom to the Innocents .
For the Impolite Admins … who sent me impolite MSGs

Dude , why you’re not talking politely !? … You must be happy and thank me for not deleting all of your files ! 🙂 … I was polite with my HACKING to your site … I’ve said ” I didn’t delete any of your Files !” Only Changing the Index* … So ! , be polite with me Please … & about what the site is for … I’m not hacking to be a Terrorist !!! .. The Terrorists are the Israelis !!! ” Killing Innocent ( Christians & Muslims ) Children , Women & The Old one ” without any reasons !! … Okay ! dude … So .. My Job is Hacking any site that not having any Security & put my MSG in the name of Freedom to the Innocent People that killed by the Super Terrorists in the Whole World Israel ! ” & Hacking isn’t Killing !!! ” You can delete my Index* & Change it with yours ;p … I was polite with you cuz, I didn’t Delete Your Whole Files S: … So I’m educated enough dude … Don’t teach me What’s wrong & what’s right 🙂 Like the Biggest terrorist ( Bush !! ) …

Interesting. Here’s a screenshot of the above the fold of as of 4:00 p.m. CDT.

problogger Hacked

Let’s hope that Darren and the crew over at Problogger get things back under control soon. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to have seeped over onto the main problogger site or perhaps isn’t anymore. Hard to tell where we are in the timeline here.

Just for the record, I don’t really see the point in screwing around like that. Sure you get the traffic from the site for a while to see whatever it is your pushing. In this case it’s anti-israel, anti-U.S rhetoric. Please spare me the sermon.

UPDATE: As of 4:53 p.m. CDT the site is down. I only get a 403 forbidden apache error. I would imagine that they’ve gotten control back and are trying to sort out the mess left behind.

UPDATE: Darren has a post up on ProBlogger that explains what happened and to what extent.  It would seem that there were at least three of Darren’s sites affected and that the attack was aimed at the host and not the sites in particular.

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Google and Ebay jump in ad bed

Google and eBay announced a formation of an advertising alliance.

n a deal between two of the Internet’s most prominent properties, Google Inc. will begin selling advertising on Web auction leader eBay and help buyers quickly ring an online merchant to do business.

The arrangement announced Monday promises to introduce “click-to-call” Web site technology to a broader audience and potentially speed its adoption as a means to more quickly connect online consumers with advertisers. It allows potential buyers to call up sellers by clicking a link in a Web page.

Um…  What about Skype?  I understand that Google has been using the “Click-to-Call” technology in some of it’s advertising for quite some time, but you would expect that the terms of the arrangement would make mention of using Skype to accomplish that task. And of course, there is an explanation:

Last year, eBay Inc. bought the Internet phone service Skype. Google has its own messaging and voice telephone service, Google Talk. Both services will be used in the partnership, though details were not disclosed.

Talk and Skype to work together?  Remember back in the good old days when they were competitors?  Ahhh…  how quickly things change.  One of the more interesting bits in this whole arrangement is that eBay signed with Yahoo! to serve all of eBay’s domestic ads in May.  Google will only be serving the ads for the non-domestic sites.  Another wrinkle in the agreement is the Paypal/Checkout competition.

Google Checkout was launched under much fanfare as a Paypal killer.  Unfortunately for Google, that wasn’t the case.  Backlash from retailers over the way that Checkout works has thrown the wrench in the cog and slowed the growth exponentially.  What would be interesting would be if eBay would open up their site to the use of Checkout and if Google gave the choice of using Paypal in Checkout.  That would certainly shake a few trees in the valley.

For more eBay news, tips and tricks visit eBay Habit!

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