I mentioned the other day that I had turned on Akismet spam filtering.  I’m still extremely pleased with it.  Aside from a couple of sneaky trackback spammers, not much gets by Akismet.  To date, it’s stopped well over 150 spams.

I’m actually a little surprised with how low that number is.  When I first turned off comments here, I was getting nearly 50 spams a day.  Looks like it’s down a bit.  Having comments off seems to have excluded me from a few lists.  Not complaining.

As a side note, if you leave a comment here and it doesn’t show up after 12 hours, please let me know through the contact form.  Chances are it got swallowed up by Akismet.  As long as I haven’t already deleted the akismet queue, I can rescue it.

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  1. Spam Karma does a really good job as well. I really haven’t had a single blog spam that I have had to deal with since installing it. Based on date of post etc it decides how legit the post is and goes from there. I check it every now and then, and any legit ones have already been posted correctly.


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