Google lands the big fish

Google and News Corp. announced a deal that makes Google the sole provider of search and text-based advertising on the News Corp. web realm.

This is blockbuster. The deal is worth a minimum of $900 million over 3 years. Of course the big bit of this is the MySpace sites that will get their vary own adsense integration, as well as the fox interactive sites that will get adsense ads. Not to mention the search. Imagine, the millions of users on MySpace and the millions of viewers of the other web entities of News Corp. using goolge for search. Each one of those searchers will be exposed to text based contextual ads on the results page. Even if you estimate a low CTR, that could mean a big chunk of change.

Of course, it could mean a influx of advertisers for the adwords system which could in turn mean higher CPM’s for those of us that use adsense for revenue. Yay!

UPDATE: TechCrunch has more details

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