has been hacked!

Credit to CopyBlogger for being the first to bring it to my attention. Seems that someone who calls himself net_devil has managed to infiltrate the problogger job board and switch the index page out.

For the Polite Admins … who sent me Polite MSGs
” Thank you Admin ;p for Giving me your box … to Spread the Truth in the Name of Freedom to the Innocents .
For the Impolite Admins … who sent me impolite MSGs

Dude , why you’re not talking politely !? … You must be happy and thank me for not deleting all of your files ! 🙂 … I was polite with my HACKING to your site … I’ve said ” I didn’t delete any of your Files !” Only Changing the Index* … So ! , be polite with me Please … & about what the site is for … I’m not hacking to be a Terrorist !!! .. The Terrorists are the Israelis !!! ” Killing Innocent ( Christians & Muslims ) Children , Women & The Old one ” without any reasons !! … Okay ! dude … So .. My Job is Hacking any site that not having any Security & put my MSG in the name of Freedom to the Innocent People that killed by the Super Terrorists in the Whole World Israel ! ” & Hacking isn’t Killing !!! ” You can delete my Index* & Change it with yours ;p … I was polite with you cuz, I didn’t Delete Your Whole Files S: … So I’m educated enough dude … Don’t teach me What’s wrong & what’s right 🙂 Like the Biggest terrorist ( Bush !! ) …

Interesting. Here’s a screenshot of the above the fold of as of 4:00 p.m. CDT.

problogger Hacked

Let’s hope that Darren and the crew over at Problogger get things back under control soon. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to have seeped over onto the main problogger site or perhaps isn’t anymore. Hard to tell where we are in the timeline here.

Just for the record, I don’t really see the point in screwing around like that. Sure you get the traffic from the site for a while to see whatever it is your pushing. In this case it’s anti-israel, anti-U.S rhetoric. Please spare me the sermon.

UPDATE: As of 4:53 p.m. CDT the site is down. I only get a 403 forbidden apache error. I would imagine that they’ve gotten control back and are trying to sort out the mess left behind.

UPDATE: Darren has a post up on ProBlogger that explains what happened and to what extent.  It would seem that there were at least three of Darren’s sites affected and that the attack was aimed at the host and not the sites in particular.

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