MT Senator opens mouth, inserts foot

Montana Senator Conrad Burns is tasting the sole of his shoe today after comments he made about a roofer he employed in Virginia.

“The other day, the little fella who does our maintenance work around the house, he’s from Guatemala, and I said, ‘Could I see your green card?'” Burns said at a June meeting recorded by Democrats. “And Hugo says, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Oh gosh.'”

The implication there is that Hugo wasn’t a legal worker. I don’t suppose I need to explain why a U.S. Senator employing a illegal worker would be bad for that Senator. Senator Burns’ opponents immediately jumped all over the opportunity:

“A U.S. senator hiring illegal immigrants is not a joke,” said Michael Dougherty of The American Cause, a conservative group founded by Pat Buchanan that supports strict immigration controls. “He could easily dispirit his voting base.”

“If you have the very people who are responsible for making the laws mocking them, it’s a pretty good indication of why we have 12 million people breaking the law,” said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Ira makes a pretty good point there.  Why should we adhere to the laws if the very people who make them make fun of them?  Sounds like a pretty good reason to drink and drive, eh Senator Kennedy?

All of this makes for some very bad publicity and a lot of work for Senator Burns’ campaign crew.  Oh, yes, it is a election year for Senator Burns’.

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