Review – Cell: A Novel

Cell: A Novel by Stephen KingCell: A novel

By Stephen King

As a rampant Stephen King fan, I find it very hard to objectively review this book.  But, I’ll try.

Cell is a novel about cell phones.  More specifically, what happens when a “pulse” is sent out over the cell phone networks that makes everyone who has a cell phone stone cold crazy.

As per usual, Cell is well written. One of the reasons that I love King’s writings so much is his ability to get into the heads of his subjects and make it extremely real.  Instead of telling us what a character is thinking, he is able to “show” us.

The plot follows Clay, a aspiring graphic novel artist, from the few minutes before the “pulse” through until a resolution that is, in true King fashion, a bit gruesome but seemingly necessary.

The book follows along the genre of “The Stand” with it’s end of the world as we know it theme.  It’s well written and extremely fast reading.  I found myself immersed into it immediately and it became harder and harder to put it down.

If you are a fan of King and haven’t read Cell, do yourself the favor and pick up a copy at Amazon!

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