Yahoo/Technorati rumors heating up again?

The rumor mill is at it again. Ed at technology evangelist points out Technorati’s switch to Yahoo Publisher Network for their served ads as opposed to the Google Adsense ads that they had been previously running.

Why the switch?

Does Yahoo serve more relevant ads? Not that I’ve seen.

Did Yahoo cut Technorati a larger revenue share than Google? Perhaps.

Is Technorati trying to avoid enriching a fierce competitor? Could be.

Is this a precursor to Yahoo’s next social networking related company acquisition? What do you think?

From every one that I’ve heard from, Yahoo does not serve better ads. I have heard a few people claim that the ads do pay better, but that the ctr’s are lesser because of the less targetted ads. I can certainly imagine Yahoo cutting T’rati a bigger cut of the pie though. Like it or not, T’rati is a big fish as far as contextual ads go. Millions of eyes a month. Even if you guess at a low ctr, that equals a nice size client for your ad system.

Somehow, I doubt that Yahoo is ready to buy Technorati. I also doubt that Technorati is ready to be bought. Dave Sifry has mentioned that particular point a few times even.

I see this switch as being mostly a business deal. Yahoo most likely came in with a bigger share of the revenue for Technorati. It probably doesn’t hurt that Google Blog Search is trying to edge itself into Technorati’s turf. But that is most likely all that’s happening here.

No doubt, one day Technorati will be bought. Or it will start buying. The latter being less likely but probable. Feedburner did it.

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