26 hours left in Long Tail Giveaway

I’ve decided to extend the Long Tail Giveaway until the midnight on the 13th.  That’s Central time.  At the moment, there is only one entrant so your chances are pretty good if you leave a comment or trackback.

Get in the game and win yourself a copy of Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail!

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  1. Not sure if anyone else has and issue with it but none of the 4 machines I’ve tried using firefox on for leaving comments would let me type in the Name/Email/Url boxes of the comment section, making it impossible to leave a comment of course. Any ideas? Not really running anything usual in the way of extensions on machines. Standard adblock plus g-filterset, forecast fox, fasterfox, stumble, bugmenot, fireftp, download statusbar, gmail manager, siteadvisor, shortship, and crash recovery at most on any of the machines. Any guesses?

  2. Well, if it isn’t recognizing you as a returning commenter it should be showing those boxes. I ran into this issue a couple of weeks ago. There’s something in the script for the comments that offsets the click-able area for the boxes. I’ve found that by positioning my curser at the far left side of the boxes, it then lets me click them and make them active. I still haven’t figured it out, but it might take a template change to work properly. sadly.

  3. Bingo, the text box is offset way to the left, problem solved. Strange stuff though.

  4. Mmm… Good post 🙂 Will watch your blog