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There are multiple memes floating around the internet.  Probably the one I see most often is the 4 things meme.  You get tagged with the meme and you have to list off four places you’ve lived, worked, slept, etc, etc…

Well, as luck would have it, in the over one year I’ve been doing this site, I have yet to be tagged with one.  That is, I hadn’t.  It would seem that Northern Girl at Whaling Season has seen fit to tag me.  This particular meme is a little different.  In tagging me, NG gave me five random words and I have to give the words and what I thought of first.  I’ll try to do that objectively, but I tend to not play well with the word association games.  Here goes:

Word the first: Garbage.  First thing that comes to mind is “Garbage in, Garbage out.” A rather popular phrase that has so many meanings, but holds a place with me in the programming realm.  note: there’s a reason that I’m not a programmer. 😉

Word the second: Carpet.  My mind goes to rugs and then on from there.  Appearantly my mind needs a good cleaning.

Word the third: Pencil.  Writing.  Expressing oneself.

Word the fourth: teapot.  “I’m a little teapot, short and stout…”  I’ll save you the rest of the rendition.

Word the fifth: Red.  Red States.

Now it’s my turn.  And, as one who seldom follows the rules exactly, I’m going to tag a few people, but with a twist they all get the same 5 random words.  I think it’ll be a little more fun to see what everybody comes up with from the same pool of words.

So, Tag you’re it.

Jake, Brady, Tom, Jim, Flexo

Your words, should you choose to accept them:

wire, paperclip, beat, plaque, outlet

Have fun boys.

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  1. […] While I’m sitting here, waiting for my email to start working again, I realized that I’d been “tagged” by Shane. I’ve never been one for participating in these kinds of “memes”, though. The last one that I did was the funniest blonde joke ever. A few months after that was posted, Aaron decided to kill off his blog, so the joke just isn’t that funny, anymore. If Rob finds another link to the joke, it might be cool, again. […]

  2. […] Well, Ede decided to keep something interesting going. A blogging version of tag. I have been given 5 works, I am supposed to say the word and the first thing that comes to mind with that word. It does seem like a bit o’ fun, so I will give it a try. First word: wire, phone wire or cat5… since I have a fair amount of it stashed around the house. […]