HP buys Voodoo PC

Rahul Sood, President and CTO of Voodoo PC, let the cat out of the bag on “Project Vampire“.  Don’t ask me what the “Project Vampire” really means, as I seem to have missed that part.  What the really long post that Rahul posted says in a nutshell is that HP aquired Voodoo PC.

It would appear that the Voodoo PC line will be merged into the HP gaming division as Rahul is taking the reins of the gaming division.

As Rahul points out, the aquisition allows the Voodoo PC folks full access to the 3.5B R&D of HP and if his predictions hold true, we should see some rather fun innovations coming out of the gaming side of HP soon.

There wasn’t any talk in the post of a dollar amount, but I’m sure that that will leak out in a more official press release.  In any case, it’s a bright move on HP’s part and should turn out better than the alienware/dell fiasco.

I’ve thought that HP was the up and coming PC manufacturer to beat and this certainly helps me think that more.

Good luck to Rahul and the Voodoo PC crew as they begin what should be a fun and exciting new journey.

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