Is Microsoft the best place to find a security specialist?

e-week is reporting that ex-microsoftie Window Snyder(yep, and she worked on Windows.) joined the Mozilla security team.  Window’s main tasks will be in directing the security plan of the Mozilla softwares, most notably, Firefox.  Her experience in using external hackers and security experts is expected to boost the Mozilla security even further than it already is.

But one has to ask.  Is Microsoft the best place to find a security specialist?  Window is the person that signed off on the security of the Windows XP service pack 2 release and Windows server 2003.  We now get several security updates a month from Windows for XP.  Sure, you can’t stop 100% of the bugs, but there is something called quality control as well.

I sure hope Window holds the Mozilla security standards a little higher than the Microsoft ones.

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  1. If I recall correctly… using Microsoft Baseline Security scanner, the amount of patches issued for XP is now larger than the original install.

    Now of course you can not pin that all on one person, and probably very little on the person mentioned above, but I do believe it supports your point. MS is NOT known for its security.