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Microsoft High opens

Bill Gates thrashes the public school system every chance he can.  It’s antiquated and in need of serious upgrades.

So, the Philadelphia school system came calling.  And Bill put his idea where his mouth is.

After three years of planning, the Microsoft Corp.-designed “School of the Future” opened its doors Thursday, a gleaming white modern facility looking out of place amid rows of ramshackle homes in a working-class West Philadelphia neighborhood.

The school is being touted as unlike any in the world, with not only a high-tech building — students have digital lockers and teachers use interactive “smart boards” — but also a learning process modeled on Microsoft’s management techniques.

Complete integration of technology, laptops in every childs hands, and tools unlike any high school teacher has ever had.  It would seem that there are a lot of excited people about this in Philadelphia and it’s gaining the eyes of many around the U.S. as they wait to see just how successful(or not) it will be.

I think it’s a great idea.  If properly executed and funded, it could truly become the “high school of the future.”  Unfortunately, our public school systems have a long history of starting programs only to cut funding year after year the program withers and dies.  Will the city have the determination to continue to give the school full funding which most likely includes new laptops every other year, new equipment for the school almost as often, and not see an uprising?  If it is successful, it could become the blueprint for “future” schools in cities across the states and even worldwide.

Oh, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt Microsoft’s image at all either.

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Is Microsoft the best place to find a security specialist?

e-week is reporting that ex-microsoftie Window Snyder(yep, and she worked on Windows.) joined the Mozilla security team.  Window’s main tasks will be in directing the security plan of the Mozilla softwares, most notably, Firefox.  Her experience in using external hackers and security experts is expected to boost the Mozilla security even further than it already is.

But one has to ask.  Is Microsoft the best place to find a security specialist?  Window is the person that signed off on the security of the Windows XP service pack 2 release and Windows server 2003.  We now get several security updates a month from Windows for XP.  Sure, you can’t stop 100% of the bugs, but there is something called quality control as well.

I sure hope Window holds the Mozilla security standards a little higher than the Microsoft ones.

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RNC releases “America Weakly”

The RNC released a site called “America Weakly” today.

America Weakly is a satirical publication containing fictional news stories of a fictitious future.

Unless otherwise specified, the content of this publication should not be viewed as a depiction of actual events.

They are currently running stories from September 7, 2007 which include hints at impeachment, government growth, tax cut repeals, and security measure repeals.  Can you say Propaganda?

Why do we have to have this stuff?  Why can’t they argue the issues and work together to run the country out of the rut they ran it into?

I’m sick and tired of the Republicans and the Democrats fighting at each others necks just to their party wins and not because a key issue needs ratification.

Now that I’ve vented a little, it is marginally funny.  Creative for the RNC even.

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Games of Tag

There are multiple memes floating around the internet.  Probably the one I see most often is the 4 things meme.  You get tagged with the meme and you have to list off four places you’ve lived, worked, slept, etc, etc…

Well, as luck would have it, in the over one year I’ve been doing this site, I have yet to be tagged with one.  That is, I hadn’t.  It would seem that Northern Girl at Whaling Season has seen fit to tag me.  This particular meme is a little different.  In tagging me, NG gave me five random words and I have to give the words and what I thought of first.  I’ll try to do that objectively, but I tend to not play well with the word association games.  Here goes:

Word the first: Garbage.  First thing that comes to mind is “Garbage in, Garbage out.” A rather popular phrase that has so many meanings, but holds a place with me in the programming realm.  note: there’s a reason that I’m not a programmer. 😉

Word the second: Carpet.  My mind goes to rugs and then on from there.  Appearantly my mind needs a good cleaning.

Word the third: Pencil.  Writing.  Expressing oneself.

Word the fourth: teapot.  “I’m a little teapot, short and stout…”  I’ll save you the rest of the rendition.

Word the fifth: Red.  Red States.

Now it’s my turn.  And, as one who seldom follows the rules exactly, I’m going to tag a few people, but with a twist they all get the same 5 random words.  I think it’ll be a little more fun to see what everybody comes up with from the same pool of words.

So, Tag you’re it.

Jake, Brady, Tom, Jim, Flexo

Your words, should you choose to accept them:

wire, paperclip, beat, plaque, outlet

Have fun boys.

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