RNC releases “America Weakly”

The RNC released a site called “America Weakly” today.

America Weakly is a satirical publication containing fictional news stories of a fictitious future.

Unless otherwise specified, the content of this publication should not be viewed as a depiction of actual events.

They are currently running stories from September 7, 2007 which include hints at impeachment, government growth, tax cut repeals, and security measure repeals.  Can you say Propaganda?

Why do we have to have this stuff?  Why can’t they argue the issues and work together to run the country out of the rut they ran it into?

I’m sick and tired of the Republicans and the Democrats fighting at each others necks just to their party wins and not because a key issue needs ratification.

Now that I’ve vented a little, it is marginally funny.  Creative for the RNC even.

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