Amazon aStore

I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve added an Amazon aStore to Thatedeguy.  There’s still a little tweaking to do and such, but so far, the implementation seems to have gone really quite well.  If it continues to go like that, I most likely will consider implementing an aStore at eBay habit and A Penny saved.

The implementation into wordpress was extremely easy with the help of the instructions at My Digital Life.  Very well done.

Take a look at the Thatedeguy aStore.

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  1. After having my own issues with aStore’s feature set, I decided to enhance it on my own. I setup, which tracks statistics, allow you to ad AdSense ads and allows you to include your aStore directly in your code without iFrames.

    Please use the contact form on the website if you have any questions or new features you’d like to see.

  2. free service allows you to give Amazon aStore own domain name and change its appearance using simple html templates. Also it provides support for various Google services like Webmaster Tools, Analytics, AdSence, etc.