Digg for Money

As if my admission that I don’t use social bookmarking sites wasn’t enough.  Along comes Om with a site where you can pay to have your digg submission dugg for $1 a digg and that pays diggers to digg those sites for $0.50/5 diggs.

And you all thought that having friends digg your submissions was gaming digg?  What about this?  How are you going to prevent it?  The answer is that you cannot.  If you shut down all the users that use this site, another will come along.  Eventually, you’ll shut down enough of the sites that it’ll go underground and still happen.

The integrity of your social site is gone.  Never to return.  No longer is it just about what sites/links that you like and digging those.  It now is about who the highest bidder is. The next site will give a little more of the revenue away to the users.

You have to admit that it’s one heck of a revenue system.  $20 per submission, then $1 a digg.  They in turn only pay the diggers $0.50 per digg.  I suppose it’s weighted that way because the submitter has more to gain from a solid digging.  It doesn’t hurt that if it were heavily used, it will make for quite the profit for the owners.

Good bye Utopian Bookmarking.  Here’s your reminder that a Capitalist is a Capitalist, is a Capitalist.

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  1. And, yet, you have links to other social bookmarking sites on your page…

  2. Thatedeguy says

    Technically, Z, I have links to Digg as well. Just because I don’t use them doesn’t mean that I don’t want my posts added to them. Their effects on a persons traffic are widely known.