Do you Full Feed?

RSS feeds are an extremely handy way to keep up on all your favorite bloggers and what they’ve written recently.  And nothing can be more annoying than getting only the first few lines of their newest posts.

When I read my feeds in Bloglines, I immediately skip the short feeds.  If it isn’t a full feed, I don’t waste my time.  Because that’s what it is, a waste of my time.  I have to open a new tab and take extra time to read the post on the originating site.  If you want me to visit your site, why do you syndicate feeds at all?

I publish full feeds and so should you!  If you agree with me, go and sign the petition.  There are well over 200 signatures on it right now.  It certainly isn’t going to change the whole world, but it will help get the word out that full feeds are the way to go!

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