How to abuse authority

If you’ve ever wondered how you can abuse the authority you’ve built as a blogger, you can simply just release a “Completely Unsubstantiated” rumor.

I think that Arrington’s head has gotten a little big for his shoulders.  He’s ridden the Web 2.0 bubble right on up, and for that he deserves a little bit of congratulations and it has earned him quite a bit of authority in the blogging circles.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that he holds a nice little “Techcrunch Party” about every six months so that he can butter up the other a-listers.  Exactly what do those parties have to do with the web 2.0 and techcrunch?

After releasing CrunchGear into the already crowded “me too” gadget blog scene, Arrington has taken his authority abuse to a new high.  His lemmings followed through the constant copycat expansion of the CrunchNetwork.  The release of a rumor along the lines of the one he released today on TechCrunch is nothing more than sensational reporting.  Or it would be called that if bloggers were considered reporters.

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