I want to email my backups for backup

I’ve been thinking over my backup procedures lately and find the archaic.  My blog software(wordpress) allows me to click backup, and I can have a backup of my dvd emailed to me.  With a handy dandy plugin, I can make the cron do it for me.

It works out pretty well as I just have it shipped over to my gmail account and I haven’t filled it up yet.  But, I find myself unsatisfied.  I want it easier.

What I really want is to have a online storage where I can email any file as an attachment and it is added to my backups files.  Overwrite where necessary.  Portability of backup.  Amazon’s S3 service is close in that it is completely online and affordable.  But it doesn’t have the email function.

Think of the masses out there who wouldn’t know what you were talking about if you mention FTP.  Tell them that they can email the file to a secure server and have it backed up for a minimal monthly fee and they might just be all over it.

Anyone seen anything like it out there?

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