I’m a Text Link Ads convert

I’ve been using Text Link Ads on my site since late June of this year. Already, my earnings from the text link ads that I’ve sold have nearly tripled the earnings I receive from Adsense. Tripled.

Now they’ve added a RSS ad plugin and format for wordpress that has the potential to increase my earnings even more. If you’re reading this in a feed reader, you can see an example at the bottom of the post.

I highly recommend that you include TLA in your monetization plan. The service is amazing, the customer support is even better. I haven’t had one complaint that wasn’t taken care of with their live chat function.

If you sign up, use the affiliate links below. You can get $100 worth of free link purchases or begin earning more money from your website(s). Disclaimer: I do get $25 out of the deal when you sign up.

Text Link Ads Text Link Ads

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