I’m not sure how I managed to not hear anything about this, but I got a pointer from a guy I work with on it.  Appearantly, he’s got it loaded on his iPod and is able to run World of Warcraft on it.  Jake and Brady are drooling now.

I also found out they have a bit of a sordid past.  Seems the people behind mojopac tried to shore up the copyright protection problems and broke the product for a lot of the testers.  To make matters worse, they denied the reason for the update and then took their forums down when a workaround was posted.

Not exactly stellar PR, but from what I’ve heard, if you can find a device that it works with it’s a great product.

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  1. Sorry mate, you misunderstood the concept of MojoPac. Sure, it allows you to store all your programs and games on your iPod, USB drive, whatever, along with your settings, and transform the support into a virtual hard-drive, but you will never be able to run anything on your iPod, without a computer. So forget about mobile WOW, at least for now.

  2. Thatedeguy says


    I think you misunderstood. I realize that you can’t play WOW on the ipod alone. Besides, who would want to play wow on a 2.5″ screen? What you can do is install mojopac onto the ipod, along with wow and have your installation travel with you anywhere. Thus making the wow install nearly mobile. All you need is a computer with a usb 2.0 connection.

    I have confirmation of this working by the way.

  3. I tried launching Quake IV and I was not able to do so. I think the MojoPac crew are looking in to the issue and shall update once they have something on it. Also, Worms World Party doesn’t seem to work yet in Mojopac. It will boot to the main menu but crashes once you try to start a game and it does the resolution change/screen redraw.