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SuperBowl Monday Holiday

There seems to be a growing push to try and make the day after SuperBowl Sunday a holiday.  Pretty interesting idea really.  The Super Bowl is always on a sunday.  Usually around the end of January and the beginning of February.

SuperbowlmondayThe point, I believe, is that many football fans go out or congregate to drink, eat, and otherwise have a good time.  As a result, many are hungover or just otherwise tired the day after.  And we have to go to work.  Unless that is, we make SuperBowl Monday a holiday.  As they kindly point out on the website, it would be the first atheletic holiday.  Sounds like a pretty good idea to me.  I could always use another day off work.

You can sign the petition here.

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Is Digg on the table?

Michael Arrington got the Google/YouTube bit right despite my disbelief. Now he’s reporting that Digg might be on the acquisition table.

The reported price is somewhere around $150 million. Doesn’t seem like much compared to the $1.6 billion that YouTube went for. I think that Digg has quite a bit more staying power than YouTube ever will. I would think that a price tag of $150 million would be a pretty quick snatch up in the Web 2.0 era.

According to Mike, the leading suitor at the moment seems to be Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. It would certainly be an interesting acquisition.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I certainly think that Digg has been the media darling recently and would be a great pick up for just about anyone. It has a seemingly unlimited potential and really hasn’t any capable competitors. Like Mike, I think the traffic numbers are probably a little closer to what Kevin Rose and Co. are claiming rather than that of Comcast.

Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal seems to think that Google or Yahoo would be a better fit.  Perhaps.  Both have the purchasing power.  And both are equally intriguing.

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Ready for Grid Servers?

Media Temple announced the addition of a Grid Server hosting option.

Media Temple’s Grid-Server is a completely new hosting platform that replaces yesterday’s obsolete shared server technology. We’ve eliminated roadblocks and single points of failure by using hundreds of servers working in tandem for your site, applications, and email. The Grid’s on-demand scalability means you’ll always be ready for intense bursts of traffic and the growing audience resulting from your online success. All of this power, controlled through our brand new AccountCenter, is available today for a price point unmatched by any competing service.

100GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, up to 100 individual sites, and 1000 emails all for only $20 a month. Not quite as affordable as my cheapo $3.99/month GoDaddy hosting, but much better stats.  Plus, I like the idea of Grid computing. A lot.

Certainly something that I’ll keep in mind if I ever outgrow my GoDaddy hosting.  Could be a while though.

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I’m not sure how I managed to not hear anything about this, but I got a pointer from a guy I work with on it.  Appearantly, he’s got it loaded on his iPod and is able to run World of Warcraft on it.  Jake and Brady are drooling now.

I also found out they have a bit of a sordid past.  Seems the people behind mojopac tried to shore up the copyright protection problems and broke the product for a lot of the testers.  To make matters worse, they denied the reason for the update and then took their forums down when a workaround was posted.

Not exactly stellar PR, but from what I’ve heard, if you can find a device that it works with it’s a great product.

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