PayPerPost gets some competition

PayPerPost, the site that pays bloggers for posts is going to get a little competition. Andy Hagans, one of the fellas who brought us Text Link Ads(aff) and Aaron Wall of SEO Book announced a new company that he formed called ReviewMe.

Unlike PayPerPost, bloggers who use the ReviewMe service will be required to disclose that they are being paid for the review and are not pressured in any way to make it positive.

If this new service is run anything like TLA has been run, there is absolutely no reason that it won’t crush PayPerPost immediately. The biggest sore point with many bloggers in regards to PayPerPost has been that they don’t make the bloggers disclose that they are being paid. Adding this to ReviewMe will be a big bonus for them and should catapult them onto the scene when they are ready for the rollout.

The added bonus is that there is a call for a service of this caliber out here in the blogosphere. Companies are beginning to see the value in the buzz that bloggers can create. Paying for that buzz in an honest way is the logical next step for attaining that buzz.

In the announcement, Andy gives a “within the month” full open date with a date of “within two weeks” for beta and beta testers. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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  1. actuly i used payperpost and i think they are running well.