Review: Achieving Prosperity

Achieving Prosperity: A Realistic, Ethical Guide to Building WealthAchieving Prosperity

By Todd Lipscomb

Everybody want’s to be prosperous. I have a bit of a vested interest in it as I write about personal finance at A Penny Saved.

Achieving Prosperity is about making sound ethical investments over the mid to long range based on taking advantage of economic swings and the regular ups and downs of the stock market. The advice given is very basic and doesn’t really give any true specifics. It’s a beginner level investment book that has the very basics of Todd’s investing principles.

While I was impressed with the basic principles that Todd gives in the book I had a very hard time actually reading the book. Todd self-published the book. This is something that I do support, but in this case, the book could have most certainly used the help of a human editor. It is obvious that Todd used spell check and grammar check, but as anyone who’s written a term paper knows, they don’t catch everything. In Achieving Prosperity, I found that there were hardly any pages without simple grammar mistakes that a computer check might not have found. These made it very hard to read the book.

While I would suggest reading this book as an investment book, try to gloss over the grammar mistakes and take the information in.

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