Review: Magic Kingdom for Sale

Magic Kingdom of Landover book 1Magic Kingdom for Sale

By Terry Brooks

If you’ve read any of Terry’s Shannara series books like I have, you’ll go into this book expecting to read all about elves, druids, dwarfs, and the lot.  Don’t.

Magic Kingdom is about Ben, a talented but burnt out lawyer who decides to buy a Magic Kingdom out of a Rosen’s holiday catalog.  One million seems a small price to pay for the throne of a fantasy kingdom.

Little does he know that there are odd things afoot and the kingdom he just bought is in sad disrepair.  Not to mention the fact that none of his supposed subjects recognize him as the king of Landover.

In typical Terry Brooks fashion, I was sucked into the book immediately and found the entire book very readable.  Magic Kingdom is a fantasy book on a whole new bent from the Shannara series of books.  It’s well worth the read.

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  1. I read this book a few years ago and really enjoyed it. There are several sequels as well. I read one of them, but it didn’t stick in my mind very well. But I did really enjoy Magic Kingdom for Sale (Sold). A funny book, especially if you’re already familiar with the fantasy genre.
    I also noticed that Amazon is distributing a Kindle version of this book for free. 🙂 Pretty cool.