Everyonce in a while, I catch the fancy that I have a small talent for writing and decide to try and cultivate that.  Nearly everytime that I do so choose, I end up revisiting WritersBBS.

WritersBBS is an extraordinarily wonderful(if design challenged) community of published and unpublished writers who act as a community to foster and cultivate each other’s writing ambitions.  Many of the users have been around the site for years and as such are becoming quite talented.

If you fancy yourself a writer in even the least sense, take a trip over to WritersBBS and tell em that thatedeguy sent you.(They have no affiliate program, so that’s not a sales call.)

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  1. On your recommendation, I did go over and look about. Even got myself a sign in/handle and password. It is very chatty in the “free” area. I think the daily prompt thing is a good idea and I might have to dig into that.

    thanks for the linky.