Adsense Notifier

If you’re on the verge of Obsessive compulsive with your adsense stats and really want a way to see your stats at a glance you’ll want to take a look at Adsense Notifier.

It works great.  You install it, enter your settings and your stats sit down in the bottom bar of your browser(firefox at least).  At a glance, you can see all your stats or customize it to only show the ones you care about.  I modified it to only show my impressions,clicks,ctr%, and income.  Those are the stats I look at the most and if I want to see the rest, I can log in to adsense.

Another neat-o feature of Adsense notifier is the ability to right-click the stats in your browser and open up a new tab.  Because the extension already has your login information, it opens up adsense and automatically logs you in.

My thanks to Darren at for the pointer.

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