Futility Closet

In my random travels on the internet, I occasionally happen to find a site or two that are just too good to ignore. Futility Closet is one such site.

No matter how much you love your job, you can’t work for 10 hours straight.

That’s why there’s Futility Closet: a thousand bite-size anecdotes, epigrams, illusions, and curiosities; puzzles, prodigies, sublimities and horrors.

Read a few and get back to work. We’ll keep finding more.

There are archives going back to January of 2005 so there’s plenty to catch up on if you like the content. Also check out the Random Post link on the right hand column.

Well worth the read.

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  1. Futility closet is great when you want to take your mind off work, or anything else that bugs you at the moment. Thanks, I really needed something like this, it will spare me a lot of time wasted on search engines looking for something funny and smart.


  2. For me, I have a hrad trying to break the ice at parties. That is why I have found the Futilty Closet to be my secret weapon with all the clever quips and funny sayings. I have it bookmarked as my favorites so I can always refer to it before going out.