Linkbaiting made easy

Linkbaiting is probably the best way to get instant recognition and instant traffic and instant linking to your site. Thus its name, LinkBaiting.

Some people find it easy, while others revert to snarky posts to try and get their links. When it really comes down to it, there are a few who get lucky with their linkbaiting attempts and those who are repeatedly good at it.

If you don’t fall into either of those categories and you’re really desperate for some links and traffic, the folks behind Text-Link-Ads(aff) have a new service that you might be interested in. They call it by the ever original name “Linkbaiting Service“. For a measly, $5000 you can get your own linkbait article for your site.

Am I the only one asking WTF? If you can afford a $5000 article for your site, you probably don’t need the extra traffic, link, or eyes. It may be somewhat usefull for launching a site, but otherwise it seems completely useless.

I absolutely love Text-Link-Ads,(aff) but I just can’t see the point of this new service. It’s only really available to those that can afford it. Those that can afford it probably have a few connections that they could use and not really even need the service.

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  1. Wow, $5k? I wonder if anyone is dumb enough to pay that fee? How incredibly lame of them to even think its worth $5k for the article to begin with let alone the traffic.

  2. That is an interesting opinion. You don’t think someone who can afford it can be helped by linkbaiting? I wonder how often it has to be done to achieve anything significant.