Media Whiz buys Text-Link-Ads

I just got an email from Patrick Gavin confirming that Text-Link-Ads(aff) has been acquired by MediaWhiz.

According to the email, the cast and crew of TLA will be staying on and moving from Ohio to New York to join the employees at the MediaWhiz headquarters.

It is important to note that the people you will be dealing with tomorrow at TLA will be the same people you have always dealt with since our doors opened in 2003. Over the next few months we will be moving our office to New York City to join the MediaWhiz headquarters and look forward to meeting more of our clients and publishers in person! This is an exciting time for our team and our clients. We have found a great partner that will be able to help our publishers and advertisers earn more money. We are looking forward to delivering more great products and even better service in the coming months with this alliance!

As a devoted fan and publisher for Text-Link-Ads, I can’t help but be a little wary of this as change isn’t always good. I’ve come to trust the TLA crew, though, so certainly hope the best for them. Also, it should be interesting to see how the MediaWhiz influence helps/hinders the publishers. The added resources of MW are a welcome addition.

Congratulations to Patrick Gavin and the crew of Text-Link-Ads(aff).

UPDATE: Official announcement on TLA blog.

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