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TechmemesponsorIt seems that the traffic wasn’t good enough in the right sidebar of TechMeme for some of the sponsors. Either that or Gabe decided to squeeze a little bit more revenue out of one or two of them. Either way, sponsored posts have reared their heads in the main stream of the TechMeme home page.

I don’t know that I really can say much about it other than at least they are clearly marked. For some reason, I had thought that Gabe had said that they wouldn’t show up in the main stream, but upon further review, he didn’t. Or at least not directly. What he did say was:

There’s a new area on the right side of Techmeme labelled “Techmeme Sponsor Posts”. It shows the latest blog posts from three companies who have chosen to sponsor Techmeme for the next 30 days.

It’s the “new area on the right side of Techmeme” that got me thinking that he had said they wouldn’t show up in the main stream. But obviously, he didn’t exclude them, but merely pointed out where they first showed up. Or maybe that is what it meant, but money or complaining sponsors had their say otherwise?

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