Virality or the first thing I’ve liked about Netscape

Ok, Virality isn’t technically a word.  But someone started using it(Seth Godin?) some time ago and now it seems to have stuck.

Enough of that, on to the meat of this story.  Ever since Jason Calacanis revamped, I’ve used it sparingly and haven’t really ever taken a liking to it.  Today, however, I’ve finally found something that I like about the new Netscape.

It promotes Virality better than Digg.  In my case, a submitted story about UFO’s in rural North Dakota that got some minimal traffic when posted but fizzled out shortly thereafter.  Today, however, someone posted a story with a video entitled “UFO’s do they exist?“  That submission doesn’t point to my site in any way.  And it went big, with over 60 “votes.” So how does that have anything to do with me and my Ufo story?

Netscape RelatedWell, when you look at a story on Netscape, there is a list of Related Netscape Stories.  And just below this story with over 60 votes sits my little rinky dink story.  And even though my story hasn’t gained any further votes, it has received double my normal traffic for the whole blog.  Double.  Talk about your long tail!

So, thanks Netscape for adding to the Virality of stories.

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