Award for worst management of a minor disaster

Unless you’ve been in a hole the last few days, you probably have noticed that there was a huge storm go through the Denver area. I personally wouldn’t normally care about the Denver area except that the blizzard caused the closing of the Denver airport.

Chances would have it that my brother was trying to catch a flight from Los Angeles(LAX) this morning to come up here to see myself and about half our family for Christmas. And chances would have it that that flight had to go through Denver. After about 2 hours of waiting in line at LAX, he was told that his flight had been canceled and all of the other flights in this direction were full. Of course that isn’t true because for about $1500 I can book one right now. So my first award goes to the folks at United. Horrible. Their customer service reps screwed up. They turned what could have been an easily remedied problem into a real burden for many, many customers. Bad business.

The second award goes to, the originator of the tickets. As of the time of this writing, I’ve been on hold waiting for a customer service rep to change the flight for just under 2 and one half hours. 2.5 HOURS! There is absolutely no reason for me to be on hold for 2.5 hours. Extremely bad business. I honestly can’t say that I would ever use their service again.

Anybody out there know someone who knows someone? I just need to get my brother from LAX to Bismarck or Fargo North Dakota. Preferably tomorrow.

UPDATE: After 2 hours and 35 minutes on hold with cheaptickets I finally got a live person on the line. I was then informed that the flight that was canceled for today could be moved to the nearest open flight on the 26th. Not exactly helpful. I could not move the flight to another airline or secure the same pricing that I received months ago when the flight was originally reserved. So at the moment, we received a refund for the flight and my brother will stay in California for Christmas. Thanks United. Thanks CheapTickets.

UPDATE UPDATE: We ended up having to fly him into a different city than we had originally planned.  An extra 60ish miles to drive one way.  Oh, and the extra $600-$800 for the tickets that the airline wouldn’t change.  Merry Christmas.

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