Axapta Source

I’ll be honest upfront, I know very little about Axapta beside what it does(vaguely) and where it’s made(Fargo, ND).  Jake on the other hand does Axapta for a living and as a result seems to know it pretty well.  That’s why he’s started  A blog on Axapta and the resources that he comes across when he finds something he doesn’t know.  Should be a pretty good read if you’re into AX at all.  Could get pretty dry if you aren’t.  😉

Stop by and wish Jake well!

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  1. Lol… it can be dry even if you know a whole lot about it 😛

    Thanks though – the progress on the site has been going rather well.

  2. Oh what are you talking about, corporate accounting software is hella fun! Its like an all night party that never ends…