HP Storage Certificate

Hewlett Packard, in their infinite wisdom have seen fit to send me my storage certificate finally.

Here’s a wonderful picture of the certificate.

HP CertificateUnfortunately, You can’t quite make out the text of the certificate or you would understand why I think it’s so great that they sent this certificate to me.  The text reads “This document hereby certifies that Shane M. Ede is an expert in all things, with special emphasis on network storage, and as an expert, shall be granted all the respect, adoration, envy an awe due to such a magnificent human being.  Furthermore, any and all persons not in possession of a similar certificate are obliged to defer all opinions, thoughts, and points of view to those of the aforementioned certificate holder until those individuals prove capable of installing and managing a network storage system themselves.”

You can see why I like the certificate so much.  You don’t see wonderful text like that on your MSDE certificate do you?  Didn’t think so.

Ok, by now you’ve probably figured that it isn’t an actual valid certificate.  I’m not sure what would have clued you in…

It’s actually what I think to be an extremely clever advertising ploy.  Right up there with the Sun Microsystems server centerfold I have hanging on my wall.  Nothing like a server on a bearskin rug by the fire. 😉

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  1. This is a GREAT idea…very clever. Hmmm…I think I might certify myself in something important and hang it – all official-like – next to my degree. Good idea? Yes? I thought so, too.