Microsoft gets generous

In case you missed it, Microsoft, AMD, and Edelman sent out a bunch of Acer Ferrari laptops.  Unfortunately, they seem to have missed me on the list.  There’s quite a bit of uproar about MS paying for reviews of Vista and now they don’t want the original recipient to keep the laptop.  Little silly if you ask me.  You can read a bit more on it at the Techmeme archive, but I’m not going to try and link them all here.

Scoble thinks it’s a great idea and so do I.  It’s no different from Cell companies handing out phones to press and bloggers.  Probably the biggest problem that it is running into is the transparency of the  blogosphere.  If it were still old media, that transparency wouldn’t exist and nobody would have said anything about getting a laptop from Microsoft.  But us bloggers have a little pride and want to be transparent.   Somebody said something about a laptop from Microsoft in the mail and all of a sudden, every one is a leper or some such.

Well, in an effort to alleviate some of that, I’m offering to take as many of the Acer laptops in as people will sell me.  I’ll liquidate all but the first one on eBay or Craigslist or somewhere and donate the proceeds to a later chosen charity.  If I get more than one laptop, we’ll have a poll here to decide on a charity for the proceeds.

So, what’ya say?  You can use the Contact form here to get my mailing address.

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