Performancing sloughs off dead weight of Members

Techcrunch reported earlier today that Performancing would be announcing the sale of most of their service to paid blogger service PayPerPost.  Apparently, the sale includes everything except the performancing plugin for bloggers which was the product that begun it all.

The sale does include the forums(with all 28,000 members), the new advertising service that never really blossomed at all despite it’s good quality.  Performancing has been geared towards the problogger set since the beginning so it could end up being a good pickup for PPP.  Maybe.

The problem is that most all of the users that would use the service at Performancing are already PPP members and vice versa.  I would imagine a 10% pickup maybe possible, but think they are expecting more.  Add into that the loss of Performancing users who feel slighted by the sale and that percentage may drop more.  What they do gain that is important is the increasing numbers of publishers and advertisers to add to their already lucrative business of paying bloggers to post.  The performancing ads network will be a nice complement to the PPP program.

I think it will be interesting to see what becomes of the whole thing and how the spun-off Performancing blogger plugin is handled under a new company.  It should also be interesting to see who remains from the performancing crew and who leaves.

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