48 hours of RSV

Last friday, I took Connor into the doctor for what his mother and I suspected was a double ear infection and a bad cold.  What we ended up with was a double ear infection, RSV, and 48 hours in the hospital.

It was a spectacular way to spend a weekend.  From 9:15 am on Friday until about 10:45 on Sunday, I was away from the hospital room for about 2-3 hours.  And it was a small hospital room.  Really small.

Oh, and he was put into an isolation room so that anyone that came to visit was supposed to wear gloves and a mask to protect themselves and others from getting RSV.

But enough about that.  Lets talk about the service of the medical community in this town.  Horrible.  I had to correct the nurses at least once to make sure that Connor got the correct medication.  Perhaps an honest mistake, but we’re talking about some rather potent medications here. Then, when we do get the meds straight, we have to put up with Connor vomiting most of it up because the nurse wouldn’t listen to us when we told her how to give the meds so that he wouldn’t vomit.

Overall, the level of nursing and even the doctors was abysmal.  I’m usually a little dissapointed with the service, but this was above and beyond the worst we have had to date.

Connor is fine, or will be soon.  The RSV has loosened it’s hold on him and he can finally breath a little better.  He’s on meds for the ear infections and we’re all hoping that we are done with the hospitals and major medical stuff for a while.

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  1. Holy crap – there is nothing worse than a sick child. Unless it is shoddy health care. Good thing you were there to oversee meds and care. Oy!