Ambitions for 2007

Another year behind us, it’s time to look to the year in front of us. Staring us down like a schoolyard bully. Just daring us to try and bypass it without giving up our lunch money.

By now, you are most likely a bit burned out on predictions and goals for the new year, but bear with me for a little while longer. The following are my ambitions for the year 2007. Think of them as the things that I want to accomplish. It is by no means a all inclusive list, so don’t think me a weak person with no goals just because I only list a few.

  • Quit smoking. I started my ambitions for 2006 with this too. I am however entering the new year a non-smoking quitter. I’ve stopped smoking and hopefully will be able to continue that trend into 2008 and beyond.
  • Succeed. Well, who doesn’t. I’ll be more specific.
  • Perform my duties at my day job to the best of my abilities. There were some times in 2006 where I was a total slacker. I got a larger raise than I probably deserved, but I want to deserve a raise twice that big next year.
  • Continue to improve my blogs and the success in readers and revenue that I’ve already gained. I’ve already far exceeded my expectations for both of those things. But who doesn’t want to get better.
  • Financial healing. After having a baby mid 2006, our finances have had one drain after another and we enter 2007, not any better than we entered 2006. We have made some changes and hopefully the drains will plug up a little and we’ll be able to make some headway in debt reduction and saving for retirement,college, and vacations in sunny locales.
  • SEO/Affiliate. I’d like to further explore the SEO/affiliate scene. I’ve poked around a little and found myself interested, but really need to do some further learning and experimenting.

Well, like I said, it isn’t a all inclusive list. Just a few of my notes highlighted. What are your goals/ambitions for 2007? Feel free to share them here or by sending a trackback.

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  1. “quit smoking”. I quit 155 days ago today. Even though I thougt it was impossible I found I was wrong. No matter how much you love ciggarettes (and boy did I love them) just remember you can never have another one, not one p uff.

    It’s worth it, and much better on the other side, seriously. And it’s true what they say, eventually, it does get easier. hang in there and best of luck with all your 2007 goals.

    btw. your comment form doesn’t work in firefox.

  2. Thatedeguy says


    Thanks for stopping by. You’re right. It does seem impossible. I’ve tried many times but have never had the “success” that I’ve had this time around. It’s been much easier to do and I really am starting to think it’s for good this time.

    The comment form does work, but you’ve got to move the cursor to the far lower left of the box to make it clickable(active). It’s horrible site design, I know, but a new template is on the way.