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American Idol

In case you’ve been stuck under a rock or some such, the new season of American Idol begins tonight and the season premier is so darn big that it has to span tonight and tomorrow night. How silly. However. Since the only channel that my Wife and I currently get for T.V. is Fox, we’ll be watching it quite often. And I would expect that I’ll end up getting sucked into it and maybe even sharing a little bit of my thoughts here. If you don’t come here for stuff like that, I apologize.

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Culinary Concoctions: Commence Drooling

Raspberry TartIf you like food at all, you must visit and begin reading Culinary Concoctions by Peabody.  Not only are the recipes quite good, the pictures are drool worthy.

Take for instance the pictures that accompanied the article Toto, we’re not in 6th grade anymore.  A pleasant story followed up with an excellent recipe for a raspberry tart.  And the pictures?  Well, take a look at the one that I added here from that article.  Amazing food photography.  Good enough to eat.  Or make you want to eat rather.

Damn tasty looking food.

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So you want to be a blogger?

StudySo, if you really are interested in reading this article, I can only assume that you read a few of the big name bloggers.  Bloggers like Scoble, Dooce and Darren inspired me to begin. But if you think you want to be a blogger, let me dispel a few myths for you first.

These are the biggest.

  • Do not expect to become either rich or famous through blogging.  I’ve been at it for a little over a year and run 3 blogs and I make < $500 a month and nearly no one knows my name. It may come in time, but don't expect it because nearly 99% of bloggers make less than $1000 a month.
  • Do not assume that just because everyone is doing it that it is easy.  Over 75% of blogs are inactive after 3 months.  I spend hours each week writing and tweaking my blogs.
  • Do not expect your traffic to be 1000’s a month in less than 6 months.  There are very few blogs that accomplish that even after 12 months.  Of course there are a few that do it in one as well.

Now.  If you still think you want to be a blogger, read on.

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I broke down and signed up for Agloco.  It sounds a lot like a pyramid scheme pretending to not be a pyramid scheme.  There isn’t any actual data on this particular company that says they will be able to pay, however the first time around(under a different name) the payout was near 1 million for all users.

The kicker is of course that you have to sign people up underneath you.  So… Follow my link to the Agloco site.  Check it out.  If you don’t like the idea, then forget I said anything.  If you, like me, want to give it a try and see what it’s all about (basil), then go ahead and sign up. Then get some friends to sign up.  When it finally gets rolling, maybe we’ll all make some money.

Or we could just fall victim to yet another web pyramid.  The nice thing about this one is that you don’t have to pay in.  Just look at some ads.

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