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Wirefly is a pretty well known cellular service and phone site. This particular site is dedicated to the T-Mobile cellular service and it’s phones. I can’t honestly say that this section of the site interests me much as the T-Mobile cellular service isn’t available in my area. What I can comment on is the web design, function and overall site quality.

Much like any other site created for e-commerce reasons, this one is flashy and easy to navigate. All of the search boxes are extremely available and multi-functioning. The people at Wirefly are pretty smart too. All of the most popular phones are dead center and ready for purchase. All you need to do is enter in your zip code and go from there. Never mind that you’re signing up for a cellular service. Not exactly bad. Especially if you’re in the market for a new cellular service.

I think the site would be better served to have a few of the more popular plans for the T-Mobile service here on the service main page. There is a search to go and Shop By Rate Plan minutes and features, but having the plans for the individual service on the services main page could possibly improve click through. I know that often when I’m searching for cellular plans I do so for carrier (because of limited availability way up north) but I do so by comparing their service plans and prices. Having the service plans and prices on the individual carrier pages would facilitate browsing in that manner.

Overall, the Wirefly T-Mobile site is everything you would expect from a wireless carrier merchant. All the flashy phones and services. Aside from the lack of readily visible plans, everything is at your fingertips (or is that mouse pointer?) to order up your new cellular service.

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