Fracking slow servers

I use GoDaddy hosting.  Stop laughing at me.  I’ve been very happy with their services since I started this project and currently have about 8ish projects running off of the same hosting account.

I’m not sure if it’s the number of sites coming off of the account or just the shared hosting part, but recently the load speeds for my bigger sites(like this one) have slowed almost to a crawl at times.  Other times they are lightning fast.  I honestly think it is an issue with the server, but I can’t really prove it without completly dismantleing a site to remove any external calls and doing tests.

Of course, I might try creating another site with no external calls that I could use to test my theories with.  Might be the best way to work it out without having any of the actual real sites experience any down time.

For those of you who have hosting or experience with server testing, any tips or tricks that I might benefit from?

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