How Republican are you?

I must say the results are somewhat accurate. Of course, it’s a rather short quiz, so there isn’t a lot of room for fine tuning. One misplaced vote could swing 10+ percentage points.

I am:

“I bet you’d like Democrats okay if they wouldn’t keep handing out your paycheck to urban welfare cheats, right? (And you probably don’t want me to be saying anything about ‘urban’ being some kind of code word, I bet.)”

Are You A Republican?

Take the test. It’s interesting. Some of the questions didn’t exactly have the answer that fit me best, but there was something near in most cases.

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  1. Interestingly you could probably get a more accurate feel for how republican you are by your feelings about the previous congress and our presidents’ handling of domestic and international policy, expendentures, and troop deployments… but I could be wrong. 😉

  2. I might add that you should of course retract whatever enjoyment you derived from watching the use of bombs and heavy weapons on CNN since thats just a media hype thing.

  3. I am 23% Republican – I’m amazed it’s that much 😀

  4. 12% Republican! :-O