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Shift-Alt-V for Advanced WordPress

Weblog Tools Collection, one of the feeds in the WordPress Dashboard, had an interesting post today about an “easter egg” in the WordPress 2.1 WYSIWYG editor.

If you press Shift-Alt-V while in the editor, a second line of editor buttons appears. Turns out it isn’t really an “easter egg” but a feature. It’s the advanced toolbar and it’s a feature. And you just have to ask, why hide it in the first place? It actually has some pretty handy stuff on it, and really should have just been there to begin with.

If you don’t just put stuff out there, then people like myself don’t find it until later and then believe it’s a “hidden” feature or “easter egg.” Meanwhile, we’ve lost productivity until then. The advanced toolbar has a neato drop down for different tags like Paragraph, Heading 1 and so forth, an underline button, full justify, font color, paste as text(my fave), remove formatting(my other fave) as well as a clean up messy code, special character insert and an undo/redo button.

Quite useful. But don’t take my word for it. Press Shift-Alt-V and see for yourself.

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How Republican are you?

I must say the results are somewhat accurate. Of course, it’s a rather short quiz, so there isn’t a lot of room for fine tuning. One misplaced vote could swing 10+ percentage points.

I am:

“I bet you’d like Democrats okay if they wouldn’t keep handing out your paycheck to urban welfare cheats, right? (And you probably don’t want me to be saying anything about ‘urban’ being some kind of code word, I bet.)”

Are You A Republican?

Take the test. It’s interesting. Some of the questions didn’t exactly have the answer that fit me best, but there was something near in most cases.

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Which Science Fiction writer are you?

An interesting result. I must admit that I loved the “Wrinkle in Time” set.

I am:

Ursula K. LeGuin

Perhaps the most admired writing talent in the science fiction field.

Which science fiction writer are you?

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Help find Jim Gray

If you’re not familiar with who Jim Gray is, you need only read this page.  He and his sailboat disappeared on January 28th.  The coast guard called off the search and now his friends and family are asking for our help.

They’ve teamed up with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service and some NASA imagery to see if through distribution, we can find him.  They’ve taken the NASA images and broken them up into lots and lots of smaller images that you can go and look through.  If you find one with something in it, you flag it and some experts take a look at that one.

It’s an amazing use of the otherwise nearly useless Mechanical Turk service.  Go to All Things Distributed for more information and further instructions.

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