eBay affiliate ads get sophisticated

If you have a website that you use to push your eBay wares, like I have, you most likely have tried to monetize it in other ways as well. Whether you use Adsense, Adbrite, Text Link Ads, or any of the other myriad services that are available, you’ll want to check out Auction Ads.

They function(and look) a lot like an Adsense ad. The trick is that they are for eBay auctions. You can select any keywords that you want and when someone buys, you get a portion of it. The better part of this is that Auction Ads is using one big affiliate to pull all the auctions in with, so the performance tiering is working in everyones favor. Instead of only selling one item a month and getting the lowest tier, you will be selling only one item a month at a much higher tier because all the rest of the users are selling on the same account.

The only thing I would have like to see is some more advanced settings for selecting the auctions. Currently, you only get to insert keywords, but I would like to have the ability to select auctions by seller ID or by price or by ending time or any of the other options that I already have with the eBay editor kit.

I’ve signed up for the service, but haven’t implemented any ads yet and have some ads running on eBay Habit. I’m fairly sure that I will be doing so pretty soon though. Just waiting on a little more free time to tinker with the setup and such.

I’ve done a little “asking” around, and while it doesn’t show on the website anywhere, Auction Ads users receive 100% of the revenue. That makes me wonder where they will be getting their money from. The answer I get for that is that they are in “growth” mode which leads me to even more questions. First among them is whether there will suddenly be a revenue share after users get used to the program and get set on using it.

Anybody got any further info on the revenue/business model here? Just can’t see it being a free service forever.

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